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Blog ideas Bedroom ideas Your bedroom is your most personal space in your home; your safe place, your place of peace and rest. It should reflect your personality and have its own unique vibe that makes you feel instantly comforted.

How do you want to feel in your bedroom? Are you spending time in there watching TV at night? Do you use it to get ready in the morning? Do you spend minimal time in there but want to feel fresh and awakened in the morning? Your own unique taste and colour preferences are very important and should come from the heart more than ever in your bedroom decor.

Would most people want to paint their bedroom black like we did? Probably not. Does it matter? Nope!

We wanted to create a cosy, enveloping space to relax in the evening and watch TV when the kids are asleep and had already experimented with black paint through the house. We also painted the ceiling and cornices the same colour, blurring the lines in all corners of the room at night time making it feel like one continuous space.

To stop the black looking like a dodgy 90’s Rock Club it NEEDED softness to break it up, make a contrast and give some femininity. We love a dusty shade of pink which creates the perfect balance against the dramatic backdrop. We used this soft pink in the curtains, lighting and accessories giving a continuous theme to the room.

When matching your accessories, an exact colour tone match really isn’t important - as long as they are similar then darker and lighter tones of your chosen colour will look beautiful. The result is a space that we still adore 3 years on and haven’t tired of, including the dramatic edge we wanted paired with a cosy and romantic feel. Ps. black paint is fantastic if you have small humans who like to draw on walls.

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